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New year. New you. New suit?

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It’s the time of year when everyone is thinking about what their New Year’s resolutions are going to be, come January 1st. There are all of the traditional resolution options: lose weight, get out of debt, spend more time with the family, travel more. But, have you ever thought of including “style” as a New Year’s resolution? Maybe this year, you want to:

  • Dress for the job of your dreams and/or appear more professional in your current role
  • Be prepared to impress the ladies at all of those upcoming special events
  • Feel better about what you see when you look in the mirror
  • Reward yourself for the weight loss goal you accomplished in 2018
  • Update a sorely outdated wardrobe

Whatever your reason for wanting a new suit (or two…or three) for 2019, we’re here to help at Mr. Mac, in Gilbert! When you come in, there will be a few things to keep in mind when picking your new suit…

Suit Color

Obviously, a sleek black or grey suit is still classy and definitely holds its place in the fashion world, especially in the business world or at high-end events. However, if you’ve paid any attention to trends in recent years, you’ll realize that diversity in suit color has become more and more popular, and it doesn’t look like that will be changing in 2019. In addition to keeping it colorful, don’t hesitate to mix colors with different sports jackets and pants.

Suit Fabric Pattern

While we don’t expect you to remember all of the different pattern names out there, just know that patterned suits are where it’s at. Similar to color, while a solid, non-patterned suit is always going to be a classic, there is room for a lot of different options now, so don’t shy away from different forms of stripes, checks & plaids, houndstooth, and birds-eye patterns (like we said, don’t worry about remembering all the names…just be open to new options).

Suit Fit

Suit styles definitely aren’t the same as what your grandfather wore, and that goes for fit as well. Slim and modern fits are going to be your main go-to suits this year.

If you’re feeling ready to up your style game in 2019, come on down to Mr. Mac Gilbert, and we’ll help you with the rest!


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