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Properly Wearing Your Suit

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A great suit says a lot about a man—it exudes confidence, shows his sense of style, and showcases the fact that he cares about the look he portrays to the world. With that in mind, not all suits are perfectly suited to every guy right off the rack. Often, they need a little special tailoring to make them fit just right.

When you’re picking out a suit and getting it tailored, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you are properly wearing your suit:

Shoot for a Great Shoulder Fit First

People who tailor men’s clothes can do amazing things, but changing the fit of the shoulder isn’t usually one of them. You want a jacket that presents a shoulder seam, which is perfectly aligned with the sleeve. If that doesn’t happen when you hang your arms straight down at your sides, it’s best to look for another option.

Get Acquainted with the Right Jacket Length

The length of your suit jacket may be a bigger deal than you realize. If it’s too long for the occasion, you’ll look out of place. If it’s too short for your torso, people may not take you seriously because your outfit doesn’t convey confidence.

The perfect jacket length will enable your knuckles to hit the hemline if you ball your hands into a fist.

Pay Attention to the Sleeves

You want just enough of your shirt to show itself beyond the sleeve. If no shirt is showing, your jacket sleeves are too long. If too much shirt is showing, your jacket is far too small.

Don’t Pretend You Don’t Need a Hem

Suit pants aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, even when you’re talking about specific sizes. Your inseam is unique to you. To get the best fit, visit your tailor while wearing the shoes you’d most often sport with that suit. This will ensure your hemline falls exactly where it should, whether you’re seeking a trendier look that’s more fashion-forward, or you want a more traditional appearance that lets the fabric rest on the middle of your heel.

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