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4 Tips for Accessorizing Your Navy Suit

By February 20, 2019 March 4th, 2019 No Comments

Wondering what to wear with your navy suit? We’ve got you covered!

A navy suit is a classic, must have for all businessmen who want to look polished and professional. The old saying that “the suit makes the man”, should really be “the accessories that are worn with the suit make the man”. Navy is a foundational color, almost a neutral blank canvas to accessorize in a way that matches your personality and attitude for the day. Here are some top trending accessories and colors to style your navy suit.

1. Power Play Red

The classic crisp white shirt and red silk tie teamed with a classic navy suit are just what to wear to seal a big business deal or land that big job. Also, the red, white and blue combination show you are not only powerful but pay tribute to America. Add a stylish pair of trouser socks (maybe stars and stripes if you are daring, solid black if you aren’t) to complete the power play for the day.

2. Everyday Routine

Some days will be more relaxed than others, but you still need to show authority and style. Team your navy suit with a colorful paisley shirt and coordinating striped tie. Any color combo will work. Add a neatly folded pocket square and some casual penny loafers and you’ll be well suited for checking off that to-do list.

3. First Date Multi Colors

You finally got a date with the girl of your dreams and you’ll meet for the first date right after work. A navy suit is a perfect choice for your day to date night comfortable look. Team it with a bright colored, crisply ironed shirt (her favorite color) or one that makes your eyes sparkle and shine. Wear a tie to look professional for the day, but remove it before your date for a more relaxed look. Select socks that have a whimsical design that will be sure to catch her attention and her fancy.

4. Dress Down Friday Fabulous

Navy suits are versatile and can be mixed and matched with other items in your collection. Pair the navy jacket with denim pants, add a patterned shirt and some vintage sneakers and you’re ready for Dress Down Friday or a weekend brunch with friends.

If your closet is lacking the accessories that would make your navy suit more stylish and versatile, come on down to Mr. Mac Gilbert, and we’ll help you find the colors and accessories that make you look your best.

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