2 Tie Knots Every Guy Should Know


From weddings and special events to a nice dinner out with your loved ones, looking your best is always important. While you have to consider your suit, shoes, and hairstyle, make sure you leave time to choose and tie your tie correctly for the occasion. Be sure that the tie you choose matches your wardrobe, but also remember that how you tie your tie will reflect upon your outfit. In this post, we’ll discuss two tie knots that every guy should know.

The Windsor Knot

Being one of the most popular knots out there, the Windsor Knot can create the look and feel you want in any formal wardrobe. This type of knot is very symmetrical and goes well with a spread collar. To properly tie this knot:

  1. You’ll want to start with the long end of the tie on your right, with the small side on the left. The tip of the small side should rest just above the belly-button. You’ll want to only move the larger end in the tying process.
  2. Moving to the left, wrap the wide end over the small end.
  3. Go underneath and slide the tie up through the neck loop then slide the tie down to the left.
  4. Go around the back of the small end to the right.
  5. Pass the tie through the neck loop and down to the right.
  6. Go across the front to left
  7. Head up underneath into the neck loop.
  8. Go through the loop that you just made in the front.
  9. Pull down on the wide end and push up with knot until it’s snug.

Four-in-Hand Knot

The “Four-in-Hand” knot has been around forever and it is very easy to learn. To achieve this knot, you’ll:

  1. Begin with the large end on your right side with the left side extended to just above your belly-button.
  2. Throw the wide end over the smaller end and go to the left.
  3. Take the wide end and put it under the narrow end and you should have the wide end back on the right side.
  4. Wrap the wide end around the back of the loop that was just created.
  5. Take the wide end and pass it through the area between the collar and necktie.
  6. Pass the wide end down through the loop that was made and tighten until you have the right fit.

No matter what tie option you decide to go with, these two methods of tying it will help you look your best and feel your best. Try them out today!

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